The title of this “blog” should get the message across, my name is Corey Bulloch and I’m reviewing movies. I’ll be covering new releases when I can and watching what I think is worth paying for so not everything new will be covered. Hopefully to compensate I will be doing something called “ReView” where I shall be re watching or watching movies for the first time and doing a review of those because opinions can change and who knows maybe we’ll all learn to love Batman v Superman in the future.

My life revolves around the film industry (for reasons we do not yet know, the doctors are still working on that) I’ll also be posting my thoughts on new trailers, upcoming films and miscellaneous information that may have nothing to do with film like duck migration or slam poetry (both covered heavily in my autobiography)

So if you haven’t been scared off yet then congratulations! you get more words to read (who knows I might throw in a number đŸ˜‰ ) basically the reviews will be my semi coherent ramblings, I’m not paid by the word or paid at all for this, so I’ll write as much as I want or not, again my reviews may just be a map of duck migration patterns and you can interpret it as such.

But after my IB Educated brain (Humblebrag!) has written what is sure to be an 85% correctly spelled review I shall assign a score between 0 and 5 stars (Hey! there’s that number) and that score for the film itself not an indicator for whether a film is better than the other, it is a “score” of the experience of the film and what that film was trying to be.

This “blog” will evolve with time hopefully and I truly hope that you all enjoy this and perhaps see certain films in a new light, find your new favourite film or perhaps troll me to oblivion because let’s face it the internet has become the embodiment of hell that Dante Alighieri prophesied to us all those centuries ago.

So let’s begin, start watching, start discussing, start ignoring the links I’ll posting on my social media to get those precious hits and let’s all watch some film. The first reviews will be posted within the week.

Welcome to Corey Bulloch Reviews.