“What makes Albus Dumbledore so fond of you?”

A world we all know so well is reintroduced with such mystery, this second teaser has us ask the question “Who is Newt Scamander?” and then “What is the deal with his suitcase?” and we hear the narration of his exploits, that he was expelled from Hogwarts but Dumbledore himself vouched for him. This strange man with the briefcase has the approval of Albus Dumbledore, well… we just met our hero.

From this point on, we’re shown this new world we’ll be exploring and glimpses of the adventure that is soon to come. This trailer is visually striking, mixing the familiar Wizarding World with its new time period and setting. Newt Scamander is in 1920’s New York and his magic suitcase of Fantastic Beasts is set loose.

Scamander is the only character who receives particular focus in this trailer but glimpses of a portion of its large supporting cast including Colin Farrell is seen, but with every new image in this trailer, the world building that  J.K Rowling and director David Yates pays off visually and builds anticipation and excitement.

With every very new shot, the trailer builds to that familiar theme we know so well and when it blasts off, this trailer reassures you that this is the Wizarding World you love and that your new adventure is sure to be a good one.

And with Newt Scamander walking into his suitcase and beckoning you to follow, November can’t get here soon enough.

TRAILER: Fantastic Beasts – Teaser 2

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is released 18th November 2016.

Trailer Score: 4/5