“What part of “move in the shadows” don’t you understand?!”

The second trailer for the second installment of the new TMNT film franchise which began in 2014. I haven’t seen the first film but I watched the elevator scene and Shredder fight on YouTube so there we go.

I actually enjoyed the first trailer for this film, getting excited that many elements of the TMNT franchise were being introduced. All of those elements were front and center: Brian Tee’s Shredder, Tyler Perry’s Baxter Stockman, the mutated henchman Bebop and Rocksteady and glimpses of the alien villain Krang. However this time it didn’t have that same effect.

While it seems the film is taking a stronger focus on the turtles themselves and the struggle of who they are, I was never really excited by what I was watching, it is very clear that the film is raising the stakes action wise. Lots of sequences teased of Turtle action which include tanks, planes, ninjas and the almighty Technodrome. And again it seems that a TMNT sequel will be focusing on a certain “ooze” but the possibilities of that plot line do not excite.

On the human side, there is nothing new, the same scenes with Megan Fox’s April O’Neil and the same scene of Stephen Amell’s Casey Jones. While the film is still a few months out, the CGI in places seems very unrealistic and distracting, most of the trailer’s humour doesn’t land and honestly this trailer has lowered the excitement I had for this film.

TRAILER: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows – Trailer 2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is released June 3rd 2016

Trailer Score: 2/5