“Of course you are afraid but you will make it through”

This is my first impression of this film and it teases a story of fantasy and drama. The instantly recognisable voice of Liam Neeson speaks to a boy named Connor and the trailer displays elements of Connor’s life. He’s shown to be alone even when in crowds but the voice speaks of the truth he dreams, the truth he hides, building the mystery of the film in this trailer.

The trailer then begins to tease the “Monster” of the film, Liam Neeson’s gravely yet soothing voice appears to belong to an ancient tree that is visible from Connor’s home and the trailer makes clear that this Monster is less of a terror and more of a grand being that makes its way into Connor’s life. Whatever adventure this film will take Connor one is seems clear that the “Monster” is more of a guide rather than an antagonist.

Story elements are not introduced by the imagery of the trailer gives the impression that this a film about a son and his mother (played by Felicity Jones) and the Monster itself appears to be an escape for Connor from reality. The visual style has elements of modern gothic mixed with fantastical, the shot of the Monster “awakening” is fascinating and while it is never full seen, I hope the filmmakers have created a design that can stand on its own. My first thought when I saw the fist of the monster was of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy but Neeson’s narration throughout the trailer creates a real fascination of who this character is.

This trailer teases a strong bond between Connor and the Monster, certain shots gave me the feeling that this film could emulate The Iron Giant and deliver a similarly powerful friendship between child and creature. The strongest element of this trailer is the titular Monster and the vocal performance of Liam Neeson is sure to deliver in the film and this trailer successfully builds an intrigue and excitement to see this on the big screen.

TRAILER: A Monster Calls – Teaser Trailer 2

A Monster Calls is released 21 October 2016

Trailer Score: 3.5/5