“Remember physical contact or displays of feeling are a danger to all of us”

A dystopian world where no one can emote so of course this film’s main plot is a love story. This trailer introduces you to a familiar looking dystopia like Equilibrium, all white sterile buildings, routines, everyone wearing the same clothes, it immediately gives off 1984 and Black Mirror vibes. The beginning of this trailer did get my attention, those familiarities drew me in and the editing gave an impression that this would be a disturbing world to explore.

But as the trailer continues it loses my engagement as it becomes clear it is frankensteining the “love” story in 1984 between Winston Smith and Julia but to less fascinating results. The trailer shows us our unnamed main characters played by Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart who may as well be named Winston and Julia as they realise they have feelings for one another and *gasp* those feelings are forbidden. The cast for this film is impressive joining Hoult and Stewart is also Jackie Weaver and Guy Pearce, the cinematography looks good, I enjoy sleek dystopian production design a lot but by the end of this trailer I lost all interest for this movie.

This trailer just shows a film where its best story points you can find done way better in other films. Seriously watch 1984, Equilibrium and all of Black Mirror, hell check out The Lobster if you really want some unique bizarre dystopian “love story” cause Equals just seems to lose itself in clichés and disengaging story beats.

TRAILER: Equals – Official Trailer

Equals is released 15th July 2015

Trailer Score: 1/5