“In sixty-six seconds, Roberto Durán changed my life”

Robert De Niro and Boxing. That combination led to Oscar gold back in 1980 with Raging Bull but also resulted in 2013’s Grudge Match so unfortunately it’s 50/50 on whether or not that combination delivers good results. This first teaser trailer for Hands of Stone indicate its gonna be the good 50, De Niro’s recent run films have unfortunately been tarnishing towards the actor’s legacy (My love for Taxi Driver has forced me to make a pact never to see Dirty Grandpa *shudder*) but this one seems to show some actual promise.

While the film appears to be about the story of boxer Roberto Durán played by Edgar Ramirez, the trailer takes a focus on De Niro’s character Ray Archel. Now my first thought of De Niro in this of course was Creed, Ryan Coogler’s epic rebirth of the Rocky franchise which brought back Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa to critical acclaim. Robert De Niro now playing a boxing coach? Probably not a coincidence.

However Durán is considered to be one the best boxers of all time so I’m hoping that the film does his story justice. I’m unaware of Durán’s story but I do love boxing movies and this film teases a fight with Sugar Ray Leonard…. I’m in. Overall this trailer is quick, teases very little but does show promise of a good film and of a good performance from Robert De Niro, excited to see more.

TRAILER: Hands of Stone – Teaser Trailer

Hands of Stone is released 26th August 2016

Trailer Score: 3/5