“Whatever you plan to do……. Do It Now!”

This film needed a new trailer, release date’s coming up and buzz needs to be built and with the release of Captain America: Civil War next week, a Warcraft trailer attached to it will hopefully ignite some much-needed hype.

Unfortunately that’s not the case, this isn’t a bad trailer, there’s just nothing in this trailer that makes it stand out. This could just be a case of not wanting to reveal spoilers and save the best shots for the actual movie (please let that be the case *prays to movie gods*) but at the moment my excitement for this movie didn’t increase or decrease for this.

It pretty much showcases a lot of the same footage from the last trailer with a few extensions of those scenes teasing the same battle that will arise between Human and Orc. No further insight into the characters journey or introduction to new characters, I saw a glimpse of a dwarf but I don’t know if that’s important. This trailer does however showcase a lot of the CGI world and characters the film is boasting, they do look impressive and improved upon since the last trailer.

The music choice is interesting, clearly trying to make the Warcraft franchise appeal to outside audiences who may find the property who may find the property. It’s a dubstep tune that doesn’t really build any excitement for me, it would have been very nice to perhaps a heard a sampling of the score of the film to give me a visual and audible idea of this new world that was coming to the big screen. Considering that the composer is in fact Ramin Djawadi of Game of Thrones fame it would have been nice to get a taste of that score in this trailer, it may have given it that compelling edge that seemed to be missing.

Overall it’s not a bad trailer, it’s just not the trailer the film needed. It showcased nothing new, didn’t get me excited but at the same time didn’t defer from wanting to see it. I am rooting for this film, Duncan Jones, the director is a great filmmaker who I am hoping has done some really great stuff with this film, we’ll just have to wait and see.

TRAILER: Warcraft – Official Trailer #2

Warcraft is released 30th May 2016

Trailer Score: 2/5