“What happened that night?…. In the tunnel?…. tell me the truth!”

This year’s Gone Girl, that’s what every other site will say to describe this film and why break that hot streak so boom! it’s on record, The Girl on the Train is this year’s Gone Girl. This teaser trailer sets up the mystery of the film, a beautiful woman goes missing and the only witness is Emily Blunt’s character Rachel who caught a glimpse of the woman while she was on a passing train.

This trailer is over two minutes and shows how this mystery spirals out of control for the characters. There is much more to Rachel, something sinister perhaps as she starts being questioned about activities to the point where she herself becomes a suspect.  The mystery builds as Rachel herself appears to be connected to the missing woman. The trailer implies the missing woman was embroiled in an affair perhaps with Rachel’s ex husband but the teaser keeps you guessing, there seems to be so much more in play.

The film displays an impressive cast, along with Blunt, Luke Evans, Justin Theroux, Allison Janney and Edgar Ramirez are seen in this trailer. The music and editing teases a tense thriller that hopefully is going to explore some really fascinating themes. At the moment I’m curious but I feel this trailer may have shown to much.

TRAILER: The Girl on the Train – Teaser Trailer

The Girl of the Train is released 7th October 2016

Trailer Score: 2.5/5