“That glorious name, McDonalds…. I had to have it”

This trailer was awesome, absolutely awesome. Michael Keaton’s resurgence continues strong, Birdman, Spotlight and now The Founder. The origin story of McDonalds, the world’s biggest fast food restaurant and the man who made it that way. This trailer shows a story of deceit, betrayal and how destructive one man can be. Seriously, who thought a film about McDonald’s could look this cool.

Keaton’s tour de force in 2014’s Birdman should have led him to his Academy Award but unfortunately that was not to the case. Now Keaton’s back and it’s clear with The Founder he’s taking another shot. Keaton plays Ray Kroc, a travelling milkshake machine salesman who finds himself at the bottom floor of what is soon to be one of America’s biggest corportations. The trailer shows how he discovers McDonald’s, at the time just one restaurant run by the McDonald brothers and Kroc is inspired.

The trailer advertises a fantastic performance not only from Michael Keaton but also from his supporting cast specifically Nick Offerman who plays Richard McDonald as it’s clear that bad blood will be spilled between Kroc and McDonald. The trailer’s style reminded me of recent films about rises to power and business such as Thank you For Smoking or The Wolf of Wall Street. The story itself for The Founder however seems to imply that the film will showcase the darker side to American business in lieu of The Social Network or There Will be Blood. 

The only fault with the trailer is that it may have shown too much, a lot of story points of Kroc’s business relationship with the McDonald brothers is shown plus many snippets of scenes on how he begins to betray them. But all those pieces look fantastic, you can see that Kroc is man who will not stop to achieve what he believes is his, but it is nothing more than a stolen dream. That shot of him cutting the ribbon to the new “McDonald’s” is striking, what a great representation of what American business is: The strongest get the spotlight, this film is not about the McDonald Brothers, it’s clearly about Ray Kroc.

The trailer is an superb first look on what is sure to be a compelling drama and awards contender, Keaton’s been in two best picture winners in a row, will he make it a third?

TRAILER: The Founder – Official Trailer

The Founder is released 5th August 2015

Trailer score: 4.9/5