“This was an audition….. you got the part”

The drug lord is now the deputy. Bryan Cranston will always be known for his iconic performance in Breaking Bad and since its worldwide success Cranston has finally been given the opportunity to be a dramatic force in film. After his Academy Award nominated role in Trumbo, Cranston leads this drug empire drama.

It’s the 1980’s and the war on drugs is in full effect and as Cranston is ready to leave behind his undercover work to get back to a normal life, a new mission is brought forward. The US Government wants the biggest drug bust in history: They want Pablo Escobar and his distribution network. Cranston has to go back undercover with a new partner John Leguizamo and a fake fiancé Diane Kruger but he gets to keep his fine mustache. 

The trailer tells us that it’s a true story and that this story is “the biggest drug sting in history” so I’m going to assume that somehow Cranston pulls this off. But the trailer implies that he’s gonna have to go all in and he’ll be in extreme danger, maybe he’ll be corrupted, his partners could be killed, he may be killed. It looks like it could an exciting film and Cranston is an actor who always delivers and the director is the guy who made The Lincoln Lawyer, which was awesome (and the true start of the Mcconaissance). 

Plus Bryan Cranston and drug trafficking leads to pretty epic results so check out the trailer.  

TRAILER: The Infiltrator – Official Trailer

The Infiltrator is released 15th July 2016

Trailer Score: 3/5