“They like to get the landmarks”

Do we really need a sequel to Independence Day? I mean the first one was one those great 90’s action flicks, full of one liners, epic actions scenes and Will Smith in his prime (although he’ll always be in his prime, he’s Will Smith). But do we really need a sequel?

Well we’re getting one anyway this summer and as this new trailer shows it’s definitely trying to be bigger and better. I have to admit the story idea I actually like, 20 years later Earth has rebuilt its military using the alien technology and there are a lot of shots showcasing the great amount of CGI that many VFX artists have been working tirelessly over for low pay. There are now spaceship jet hybrids and what appears to be a moon satellites but no amount of moon satellites can stop the return of the alien threat.

I love the tagline for this movie, it’s dumb but it’s 90’s style dumb so you gotta love it “We had 20 years to prepare……. so did they” that’s right! The Aliens are coming back. So all the old heroes have to come back: Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman and Judd Hirsch. Now you’ve probably noticed there’s a name missing there yeah so let’s rip this bandaid off: Will Smith is not in this movie, the trailer states that his character is dead and that his son played by Jessie Usher is following in his footsteps and is now a pilot the spacejet hybrids.

The trailer takes focus on Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman mostly reflecting on the events of the first film and how the new events are similar but just more explosive. Now those two are the main reasons I have an interest in this film, they are awesome in first Independence Day, Bill Pullman’s speech at the end of that movie is so inspiringly American it could turn a radicalised terrorist into a patriot. So I’m looking forward to seeing those guys again.

But there’s also the new hero played by Liam Hemsworth, that’s right instead of Will Smith we get Liam Hemsworth, I’m upset about it, you’re upset about it, there’s a good chance that’s the reason the aliens are coming back to wipe out humanity. He’s a spacejet pilot and dating the President’s daughter and I don’t give a shit about him, I want Will Smith back.

This trailer shows a lot of destruction, like everybody is going to die in this movie, fire is raining from the skies, London is fucked. Space jets battles, giant aliens, humongous spaceships and god awful one liners, so many bad one liners in this trailer. It’s clear this movie is going to be a big, dumb, awesome movie that hopefully can be entertaining at the same time, this trailer does tease some really good moments (the power of Bill Pullman) so hopefully the film can live up to that.

TRAILER: Independence Day: Resurgence – Official Trailer 2

Independence Day: Resurgence is released 24th June 2016

Trailer Score: 3.5/5