“I’d like to help my country make a difference in the world”

Edward Snowden. Typing that name probably puts my computer on a watch list, he’s one of the most controversial figures in the world. People see him as a traitor, others a hero, and Oliver Stone is going to tell his story.

I really liked this trailer, It looks like the film is going to be showing that Snowden was the brave hero for what he did, which is sure to drum up some controversy like every movie that has politics.  The trailer covers how Snowden worked his way up through the intelligence network of the USA and how he discovers the full extent of surveillance in the United States. It’s clear that this a political thriller but the trailer doesn’t seem to be exploring the debate that arose when Snowden released the information: Was it the right thing to do?

Two sides to the trailer: Before he knew, and after he knew. The trailer hints that this film is mainly going to cover how he acquired the data and how he escaped the country before he could be captured. The scene of how Snowden uses a Rubix cube was very cool and shows that maybe he doesn’t realise how in over his head he is. Snowden in that moment thinks he got away with it and the trailer tells you that he did not,  Snowden’s life as well as others are in clear danger.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt leads the talented cast as Edward Snowden and he actually surprised me in this. He actually sounds like Snowden in this trailer, I was really just expecting JGL to deliver a good performance, he is very talented but I wasn’t expecting that voice. Some of my favourite actors are also in this film: Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Olyphant and the great Nicolas Cage all on different sides of Snowden’s dilemma.

Oliver Stone is a filmmaker who is known to deliver on films concerning politics and warfare. The story of Edward Snowden is something I am very interested by, his revelations shocked the world and Stone’s storytelling abilities I feel are very well suited.  I hope the trailer is only giving a sliver of what this film is going to do, I really want Stone to incorporate the moral  dilemma people have over Edward Snowden, make the audience really question his decisions and how they feel about him after they saw it. Eye in the Sky was an incredible film that challenged audience perception on drone warfare, I hope Snowden can be a film that creates a similar debate about intelligence and whistle blowing.

TRAILER: Snowden – Official Trailer

Snowden is released 16th September 2016

Trailer Score: 4/5