Honestly I didn’t like this film. I’m aware its highly praised by others but I couldn’t see why, I found Nashville way too long, very confusing and mostly boring. Its trying to tell a story of so many different people I don’t actually know to describe the story line. The title makes clear that this is set in Nashville, Tennessee and revolves around musicians and the music industry. You see a variety of successful and un successful all dealing with their own struggles as America comes close to a crucial election that could elect a populist as the President.

The film seems to explore interesting themes but they are difficult to interpret at times, so many different things are happening at once. It works as a reflection of how insane America can be, someone gets shot and everyone signing together two minutes later. I like the ending of the movie cause something exiting happened but Nashville couldn’t keep my attention for most of the film. I struggle to remember a lot of what I saw in the film, it shows a lot of ugliness to society, people do horrible things to people. People lie, cheat, manipulate, act superior. In a film about famous people, you really see the dark side to that life style. The large cast was very talented so I was surprised that they wasn’t able to engage with many of the characters, I was bored or annoyed with most of them.

I enjoyed the music of the film, I actually like country music despite society telling me i shouldn’t (be your own person). It looked like it was all original material for the film to suit the story and made the characters their own. Henry Gibson who plays Haven Hamilton establishes his character well by having him be extremely particular about how his music is performed. I also enjoyed the political themes, the continuing reappearance of the voice of  Hal Phillip Walker. Walker’s message is very relevant to our modern political climate, he speaks of complete reform of American politics. Walker’s growing message working as the backbone of the film as characters who waiver on the spectrum either say or be seen on how they feel about. It all leads to a concert rally for Hal Phillip Walker, a message that the film states from the beginning. Like it or not, you are involved in politics.

I didn’t like this movie but the more I think about it, I find new things to consider about the film’s intentions and meaning. It’s possible a lot of this film went over my head and I’m being ignorant to the film’s genius. That has happened to me before but I need to state my honest opinion on what I thought of this film. Am I going to re watch it? probably not, will I listen to different opinions about this film? Yes. Nashville isn’t a film for me, watch it and form your own opinion and then we’ll talk.