What a weird movie, this may be the weirdest movie you ever see. It’s Such A Beautiful Day is fearless, absolutely fearless in its content, humour, drama and execution. An animated film that explore the meaning of life through seemingly random moments of a stick figure man’s life. Bill, the protagonist is suffering visions, nihilistic thoughts, extreme depression, it seems his death is impending.

Don Hertzfeldt’s vision is uncompromised, responsible for nearly every element of the film, from direction to cinematography. This is the vision of life through the eyes of an auteur, his interpretation of the meaning of life is thought-provoking and deeply philosophical. crude animation mixed with images of the real world, manipulated film intercut to resemble madness. Visually and editorially striking, its avant-garde, challenging convention and doesn’t want or ask to be anything else than what it is.

The humour is a dry wit, Hertzfeldt’s emotion void narration should seem dull but adds so much to the story telling. His delivery of the film’s peculiar comedy and escalation has you laugh out a loud in disbelief. Great comedy comes from great detail and the certain word choices to describe the image heightens the film, it’s so random yet delightful. At first you think the whole film could be random but is a commentary of the meaningless of life. Mundane little stories of no meaning, that is what Bill experiences, that’s what makes us laugh and think. The film shows how laugh could have no meaning and then discovers meaning within the growth of the film.

Live action mixed with the unique animation, further establishing a memorable visual style that implies heavily that the film is Bill’s interpretation of reality and he is trapped in hallucination. It’s Such A Beautiful Day is a weird film for weird people, you’ll know if you like this in first two minutes, I’d recommend staying with it. You’ll see life differently after this film, what those little moments mean to us now, if there is something greater intended and if we’ll ever be able to conceive of it. It’s fun and bizarre and so brilliantly unique you’re left thinking “What the Fuck was that?” and then “I gotta watch that again”.