“Your story Billy, no longer belongs to you……. it’s America’s story now”

I’m speechless.

This is the best trailer I’ve seen all year, its unbelievably powerful and if the film actually delivers on the trailers promise then we’re looking at a serious awards contender. Ang Lee is a skilled director, two Oscars for directing for Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi but it looks like he’s gonna top those film easily with Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

Films about war always sell well with awards season but this seems to be approaching it differently. I got a Friday Night Lights feel from this trailer and if you want to me to feel pro-America that show’s aesthetic is the way to do it. Billy Lynn is a returning soldier who is to be celebrated for his bravery but its clear that Billy doesn’t want to be celebrated. The horrors of war aren’t hidden by this film, people died. brutally.

This trailer hints that this is a film about how war and veterans are treated on the home front. Steve Martin’s line written above is chilling because Lynn’s ordeal is now a recruitment tool, a story that the country will use to glorify war and celebrate. The juxtaposition of the battlefield with the football field is so incredible as explosives and fireworks go off. Joe Arwyn is Billy Lynn and you can already see the power of his performance in his eyes and that the war is never really over for veterans. The rest of the cast is also impressive, Kristen Stewart as Lynn’s sister and Vin Diesel as his army sergeant.

Also the cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” playing over the whole trailer adds to this hauntingly beautiful tone. Every element of this trailer works so well together that even if this film sucks (and it won’t) then this trailer will always be an incredible work of art. Get excited for Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, it looks life Born on the Fourth of July meets Friday Night Lights but has enough of its own unique voice to be a film to be reckoned with when it’s released later this year.

TRAILER: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk – Teaser Trailer

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is released 11th November 2016

Trailer Score: 5/5