“Can our son lead a normal life?”

This trailer is euphoria, absolute brilliance and a masterclass in trailer editing. This is such an amazing first look at The Accountant coming from director Gavin O’Connor whose 2011 film Warrior was my #2 best film of that year. Ben Affleck is the eponymous accountant Christian Wolff and he doesn’t say a word in this trailer but his screen presence alone from the shots he has shows that this is going to be an amazing performance. Other characters speak of Wolff, he’s extremely intelligent and extremely dangerous, he seems to be in service of criminal organisations as an accountant by day and assassin by night.

This trailer is impeccably crafted, an excellent pace built by sound design and “Everything in its Right Place” by Radiohead to create a building tension throughout. The question of who Christian Wolff is and what is his story stays with you and creates an instant hype for this film. The puzzle theme also works very well as we see glimpses of Wolff’s obsessive compulsive nature and repeated shots to up the rhythm. Every piece matters.

The trailer only displays three of the star-studded cast with Ben Affleck and J.K Simmons. Anna Kendrick makes a quick appearance but its made clear that Simmons will be Affleck’s “adversary” in the film but the film does seem more than cat and mouse. Affleck doesn’t say a single word but you already know his character is the smartest man in any room, there is a grace to the physical performance.

The trailer also puts a great deal of focus on Wolff’s childhood and the relationship with his father so I’m curious if that will be a large portion of the film. If so then great because those clips only enhanced the power of the trailer especially with the final line. So watch the trailer for The Accountant immediately and get hyped.

TRAILER: The Accountant – Teaser Trailer

The Accountant is released 4th November 2016

Trailer Score: 5/5

Review for Film: The Accountant (2016) – ★★★★