“Ok, so I don’t know if it was a race thing or a lady thing, but I’m mad as hell”

I don’t have a problem with Ghostbusters getting remade, it’s not a sacred film to me I enjoy it but it’s not an issue. I’m not a fan of remakes in general, I’m one of those people who would prefer a re-imagining of material than just recreating a film for a new audience. That said this trailer is fine, the strange thing about this is that I’m enjoying everything besides the comedy.

This humour isn’t my thing and no it’s not because this is a remake or because *gasp* they’re women. My sense of humour is slightly twisted and I find the comedy predictable and there wasn’t a gag that really got me. I did enjoy the last part of the trailer where Leslie Jones’s character is just done with ghostbusting and wants to go home and slowly leaves as a ghost dragon sits on her soldiers and then two jackass take a selfie with her. I chuckled at it but that’s it.

What I like about the trailer is everything else, I really like the visuals of the world. The CGI on the ghosts is cool, the extreme colour based designs, misshapen monsters gliding through walls and towering over the characters. New iterations of Slimer and the Stay Puff Marshmallow man make appearances but my favourite ghost is the giant blue stilt legged man walking through Times Square, he looks like something out of Nightmare Before Christmas. The gadgets look cool, Ecto-1 looks fine, proton packs firing as normal and the action looked entertaining through the quick snippets.

Director Paul Feig did Spy last year with Melissa McCarthy which was one of last years best surprises. Not only was it hilarious it also had awesome action scenes, after seeing it I had more confidence in Feig directing this film. Those quick pieces of the action seem to confirm to me that the action in the film will be one of the highlights. Oh and I LOVED the music, they’re using the classic theme obviously but that extra kick to it really works for me and gets me into the trailer.

Look the fact that this film is being made by this on-screen and off-screen talent is great plus with the support of the original Ghostbusters. This film may not be good or it may just be fine, this trailer for me seems to point to the latter, at best this may actually just be a really good action film with weak comedy. Anyway the bar isn’t set that high anyway, this film just has to be better than Ghostbusters 2 and the replicated sequence of the first film in Be Kind Rewind was better than that so I think they’ve got this one in the bag.

TRAILER: Ghostbusters – Official Trailer 2

Ghostbusters is released 15th July 2016

Trailer Score: 3/5