“The wolves are loose!!!!”

Ok that wolf joke had me in tears, a beautiful proposal to the sweet tunes of Seal interrupted by the escape of vicious wolves. The sudden tone change, shots of people screaming, helicopters high in the sky, cries of “SEAL IS DEAD!”. Nothing in this trailer compares to the wolf joke.

I preferred the other trailer for this film and this trailer didn’t raise or lessen my hype (until the wolves) but the film gave a bit more insight into what the story of the film is. It’s clear that Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island are parodying Justin Bieber to the extreme in this film right down to Anne Frank. It also seems it may take a certain mockumentary format as the characters address the camera, perhaps it’s also parodying Bieber’s film Never Say Never (which I haven’t seen it). I’m wondering if the film will approach this subject matter similar to how they did in Samberg’s older film Hot Rod which had great parody comedy with an emotional connection.

Most of the jokes in this trailer are working for me and I’m a fan of The Lonely Island music so I’m sure whatever soundtrack they’ve put together will entertain. The quick snippet of “Mona Lisa the original basic bitch” should let audiences know what kind of musician Andy Samberg is playing. This trailer doesn’t boast the larger cast the other trailer teased but the moments it gives especially for Seal gives the sense that the film won’t be utilising throwaway cameos (*cough* Zoolander 2 *cough*).

So yeah this trailer score is pretty much for the wolf joke because this trailer didn’t offer anything new from the previous one. I’m hoping that’s a good thing so when I see the film I’m surprised by a lot of it and I am still looking forward to seeing this film.

TRAILER: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping – Official Trailer 2

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is released 26th August 2016

Trailer Score: 3/5