“Logan, you still have time”

An end of an era approaches, the final adventure of Hugh Jackman’s legendary Wolverine, and with this trailer it seems to promise an emotional picture. Giving hints to the Old Man Logan storyline along with familiarities to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and the acclaimed video game The Last of Us, director James Mangold seems to be delivering new type of film to this genre.

Comic book films have been growing and changing for better or worse, with Logan it looks like something might be addressed again in this genre: finality. We reboot, recast and the characters always live on, that is the nature of the comic book superhero and that works in the books but on film it has become frustrating to me. No one dies anymore, its all about building mass amounts of characters for Avengers, X-Men and Justice League movies so when does the story end?

This trailer seems to promise an end not just for Logan but for the original X-Men. The mutants are dying off and only a frail Charles Xavier is Logan’s only connection to his former life. The trailer definitely makes me think that we will see the deaths of Wolverine and Professor X as the trailer isn’t shy of showing the anguish these characters will go through.

It’s emotional, stunning and violent as hell, Logan claw punches someone right through the skull. This looks to be something special, I hope Jackman has finally been given the movie he deserves.

Logan is released March 2017

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