“What happened in that room was real, I can’t take that back.”

I’m a big fan of Shia LeBeouf, ever since I saw his incredible performance in Fury I felt that LeBeouf was an actor who thrived in serious acting challenges and independent film rather than large Hollywood productions. Shia LeBeouf is not a movie star but he is a damn good actor. This trailer for Man Down focuses on LeBeouf’s performance as a Marine struggling with PTSD and he looks spectacular.

The trailer is cut to the song “TV on the Radio” by DLZ, you probably recognise it from Breaking Bad , you know what scene I’m talking about and If you don’t its time to re watch Breaking Bad. The trailer moves through many different scenes but draws focus to the event that LeBeouf is haunted by, a building check that transforms into a violent ambush. We are given glimpses of LeBeouf’s personal life, past and future. The synopsis for this film states that the film is set in a post apocalyptic America and that LeBeouf’s character is on a journey.  The trailer offers no hint of this but I’m assuming that the present time of the film is actually in the scenes with the heavily bearded LeBeouf instead of the conversation between LeBeouf and Gary Oldman.

The supporting cast is teased in a few select scenes, Gary Oldman, Kate Mara and Jai Courtney. Oldman has his army psychologist or commanding officer, Mara as LeBeouf’s lover and Jai Courtney as his friend. These are all good actors, Oldman especially I just hope the script makes good use of their talents. The director of this film also directed Robin Williams last performance in the film Boulevard which was a powerful character drama so I’m sure the performances will be top-notch which the trailer definitely backs up.

Films addressing our current political warfare quagmire have been hit and miss for me sometimes. It can get repetitive and depressing that every war film we see now has these characters distraught and mentally anguished and I guess that’s the whole point. When these issues are addressed in compelling ways that are more artistic and informative rather than exploitative the films are so much better. Man Down fortunately looks to be more of the former than the latter.

Also if you want to have some fun as you read these, take a shot for every time I wrote LeBeouf.

Man Down is released 2nd December 2016

Link: Man Down – Official Trailer