So this seems like a really simple buddy comedy with a forgettable trailer. I like Emilie Hirsch and love J.K Simmons but the premise behind All Nighter doesn’t do much to excite me. Loser ex-boyfriend (Hirsch) and ex-girlfriend’s father (Simmons) team up to find out what happened to her where the meet strange characters and get into crazy situations. Nothing about this trailer is memorable, no stand out jokes just moments of “Oh look Taran Killam!” or “Why is J.K wearing a tight pink shirt?” and from this trailer it just seems like the story will be a predictable, uninspired forgettable experience.

The trailer focuses a lot on Simmons, which is smart because that’s clearly the movie’s greatest strength. This trailer just shows that Simmons’s character is basically J.K Simmons but he knows how to fight. Again I mention the lack of uniqueness in this trailer and while Simmons isn’t “bad” in the footage, its clear he isn’t being given much to work with. The trailer “reveal” that Simmons character is most likely a Liam Neeson Taken rip off wasn’t surprising at all and also that use of slo-mo was abysmal.

Will this film be a formidable comedy that creatively makes use of it’s on screen talent, from the look of this trailer, probably not. Every comment on the Youtube page for this trailer was just a Whiplash or Spider-Man joke so it doesn’t look like anyone is actually interested or excited for it. Maybe I’m wrong but not a single joke in this trailer lands well and if this trailer continues the trend of putting a film’s best jokes forward then it doesn’t look like All Nighter has anything of worth when it releases.

All Nighter is released March 2017

Link: All Nighter – Trailer #1