“We got ourselves an X-Men fan”

We’re about a month away until the release of the highly anticipated Logan and today 20th Century Fox has released the final trailer and it only adds the growing anticipation. The first trailer was fantastic, focusing on Hugh Jackman’s legacy of playing Wolverine and how this upcoming film definitely felt like a deserving send off. This trailer takes a greater focus on Dafne Keen’s character Laura, who is the girl travelling with Logan and Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart).

Confirming some theories concerning Laura and still keeping an air of mystery around the character, the trailer manages the precious balance of giving the audience just enough to renew excitement without spoiling the movie. This trailer confirms what many have suspected for months now, Laura is an adaptation of the comic book character X-23. We see both sets of claws in action as both Logan and Laura lay bloody terror upon the bad guys and its a welcome change to see blood finally added to Wolverine’s battles.

The pacing and tone of the trailer is different from before but not radically, the first half taking larger focus on certain scenes that revolve around Laura and then sets up the larger adventure of the film. That uniqueness that set Logan apart from the typical superhero film is still there and it does look like director James Mangold is taking full advantage of this creative freedom. This trailer gives a more heroic view to Logan’s story than its more melancholic predecessor but still maintains the sense of finality the story wants to get across. Utilising many of the same scenes from the previous trailer, this final look of Logan does everything it sets out to do.

We’ll know soon enough if Logan delivers, the character of Wolverine has not had the best luck with his solo films but as I said before this looks like the film the character has been waiting for. This trailer clearly portrays that one aspect of Wolverine that I believe makes him so compelling, not the violence, or the claws, or his rugged badassery but his uncompromising nature to protect his family. Further glimpses of the dinner scene and the great cameo of the X-Men comic book prove the R rating isn’t carte blanche to have Wolverine go berserker, Mangold seems to have a firm balance on what makes Wolverine work.

Also I just heard Professor X utter the word “Fuck” and its kinda blowing my mind.

Link: Logan – Trailer #2

Logan is released March 3rd 2017

Note: My thoughts come from the Red-Band version of the trailer, due to the film’s rating I believe that it is a better representation of the film. 

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